Our Story

Where it all began
Renee, a wife, mum and local business owner is passionate about building better connections, and after attending many networking events over the years with husband Cameron, promoting their business CRG Plumbing & Maintenance it became apparent that their was a gap in the market when it came to offering a more holistic approach when it came to networking. Where most meetings focus on the referral and the “what i can do for you” approach, Renee’s approach was more focused around building connections, trust and repour knowing that when the right approach is taken, the magic happens and referrals are resulted through authentic, honest relationship building. After months of planning, research and talking to many business owners, CRG Creative Networking was launched in February 2018. Renee wanted to create an honest, comfortable and safe space for all business owners to come and meet like minded business people, where there was no expectations and you were free to be yourself and help to create a motivating and inspiring environment. After running these meetings for 18 month due to the demand of hosting more workshops and having the passion to help more people Renee took a risk, acknowledged a gap in the market and a need to change the business model to a Business Resource Hub for all things Networking and Customer Relationships support that can be utilized by more people in more areas around Sydney with no restrictions which meant the weekly meeting would need to cease in order to for fill the demand Renee felt was needed. Renee is proud and excited to be offering many things to help both large and sole trader business’s build better business connections by getting their cogs moving and thinking about the best strategies and processes that they can learn and implement to grow their business through genuine customer relationships.  Acknowledging that the networking scene can be overwhelming Renee wanted to create a service that all business owners and their employees can utilize that will help them to;
  1. Understand Networking benefits for their business
  2. How to approach the networking scene, where the right place for them is and where the best groups or meetings were taking place
  3. How they can present themselves and their business in the best way, to the right people with the best outcome
  4. Strategies on building strong connections and following up.
  5. Processors on developing a mutual beneficial relationship for long term success for both business owners and employees.
Renee has previously worked in Marketing, sales, and customer relationship roles and draws from here experience to help others to                                                                                           connect better with both internal and external contacts. Renee hopes to connect with many like minded business owners, specifically start up business owners, other mother’s in their business launch phase and those who want more out of their networking experience that will result in a positive and successful experience both personally and professionally. Renee is available for guest speaking opportunities, workshop presentations and team building facilitation. To connect with Renee, contact her direct on 0427 885 711 or email renee@crgcreativenetworking.com.au