Renee Garcia – Published Author

For as long as she can remember, Renee has had a passion for reading and writing. It’s in her DNA to be a writer.

When the opportunity came up to share her story of how she balances life and business and why it’s so important to make a different, Renee was both excited and nervous all rolled into one. The real writing journey then began. After months of procrastination, Renee finally pulled up her big girl panties and started writing. About her childhood, her experiences and why she is a determined powerful mumprenuer who is passionate about connecting the world, one hand shake or hug at a time. The story also follow’s her business career and experience and tips on how she juggles being a mum, wife, family business owner and setting her own path for success.

Renee’s co-authored book Mumpreneur on Fire – Australia Edition, in which she shares with 11 other incredible women is now on sale and can be purchased either via Kindle or Paperback. To check it out and purchase your copy Click here.

Since becoming a mum, ideas are continually flowing for what her next book might look like. Currently in the design stage of publishing her first children book, with her son Nate being the inspiration she is looking forward to sharing more books and magical stories that will connect families all over the world.

Watch this space for more awesome publications and resources on Renee’s publishing wish list.