Books & Resources

As an avid reader and researcher and a passion for writing, Renee is always looking to share the best books for success and personal development.

Reading is what feeds the brain and calms the soul.

In this section you will find books written and published by Renee herself and also from other authors who have amazing stories, knowledge and tips to share. We will also share any resources that we think may help in assisting you in your business, your personal development or building better connections.

If you would like to request your book or one you have read to be mentioned email us here at CRG HQ.

Occasionally you will also see review blogs of the latest books Renee has read, you know the ones that really resonate or make a difference to her. Renee also offers her services to review books. If you have a book you would like reviewed, get in touch now.

Renee has recently become a published author. You can read all about her author journey and links to purchase her book here.