About Us

 What is CRG Creative Networking and how we can help you and your business?

What use to be just a weekly networking support meeting is now an INDEPENDENT NON BIAS RESOURCE HUB for all things Networking & Building better customer relationships.
We no longer run our weekly face to face meeting but instead we offer you the support and guidance you need as a business owner within the Networking sector.

So what does that mean?

It means we offer support, education and guidance for business owners and their staff around Networking, team building and customer relationships.
We understand networking can be overwhelming for business owners and staff. With an abundance of networking meetings, groups and events all over South West Sydney, we want you to come to us to guide you in the right direction for you and your business to the best opportunities to get you building those better connections for long term success in your business and personal life.

Here is what CRG Creative Networking will do for you and your business.

1. We will liaise with Networking and business support meeting hosts to learn and understand what they offer and promote all local networking/business support groups on our directory.
2. We will offer all business owners/staff to join our closed support Facebook group – CRG Creative Networking Business Support Group. This is where we learn, inspire, Network & grow in a safe online space. A place to feel comfortable to step outside your comfort zone, ask questions, give advice, take on challenges and be accountable.
3. We will promote and liaise with educators around the local area to bring you the latest business and personal development courses and workshops that are on offer.
4. We will conduct our own group workshops and one on one consults utilizing our Connect Effect Strategies that focus around the 3 cogs to help you build better connections.
PEOPLE– You & Them – including Personal Branding and defining your Client Avatar/Target Market.
PATHWAY – Focuses on the Where, How and Why to network, Communication & Conversation techniques including elevator/connector pitch and how to make you stand out and matter.
PARTNERSHIP – Focusing on the customer relationship management strategies. Keeping your customers loyal and keeping them happy with an ongoing mutual and beneficial relationship long term.
We can work with the individual or with a team. Communicating both internal and external in the right way is vital to the growth of any business. People buy people.
Let us help you to get the cogs moving to improve communication and connection skills so you and your business are making the right connections in the right places.
We can tailor a suitable consultation to suit your needs and requirements. Talk to us today to see how we can help you build those better connections for a more successful business.