Celebrating Women

Women – we can have it all, just not at the same time.

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day. Although the official day was Sunday 8th March, i feel like it’s something that should be celebrated all year round. I am a women after all.

It’s OK that your not a super hero

This year’s theme is all about equality.” An equal world is an enabled world” We saw hashtags overrun our social media accounts like #IWD2020 and #eachforequal.

As i read these and felt proud to be a women but it also got be thinking about not only equality but the pressures we face as women in general. These pressures are mostly those we put on ourselves.

Recently i submitted a chapter that will be featured on an upcoming book about mother’s who are taking on the world with their business and life balance. One of the key messages i write about is we matter and we can have it all. I am 100% in support of this message and will advocate to my heart is content with this whilst also acknowledging that this is true however unfortunately we just cant have it all at the same time.

The right things will present itself at the right time and acceptance is the key to less stress and more success.

Renee, achieving success, just not all at the same time.

OK, let me explain. As a mum of 2 young boys, a wife, a family business owner and a women on a mission to build her own business around her passion i know first hand that at any given point i will most definitely be winning at one thing and failing at the other. Life is like a roller coaster which includes the ups and downs, the crazy turns, the thrills and the excitement, being anxious and liberated all at the same time. The most important thing about this realization though, is acceptance.

It’s taken me a while to realize that i cant do it all, or most realistically i cant do it all at the same time. A very dear friend and mentor taught me this and it has been my saving grace go to thought that i revisit every time a curve ball is thrown my way.

Garcia Family Holiday

I made a decision at the start of the year to take some time away. Away from networking, social media and work in general. This was our first year in our family business in over 10 years we were able to take a holiday without the phone being glued to our ear and the laptop set up in our hotel room.

Although it was only two weeks, it allowed me to reset, be just a mum and wife and really work out what was important. It allowed me to understand that my passion and goals still mattered and were worth the effort but that didn’t mean i needed to give up everything else.

It just meant that things would happen when they happened and there was no use stressing myself trying to get all my ducks in a row at the same time.

Women – we can have it all, just not at the same time.

Just the other day a fellow mum and successful entrepreneur Peace Mitchell from The Women’s Business School and co founder of the Ausmumprenuer shared a powerful video of a heartbreaking decision she was faced with. The decision to cancel an exciting guest speaking gig because one of her precious children became sick.

As a mum, your priority is always your children, as a business women you cant help but be saddened when you are faced with the decision to cancel an opportunity. This video connected with me on so many levels.

I too have been faced with these decisions and although you know you are making the right decision when putting family first it doesn’t stop the disappointment in missing out or even the guilt you feel for having those thoughts.

I want to thank Peace for sharing this experience and showing us that it’s OK to want things but know your priorities and accept the things that happen.

You can watch Peace Mitchell’s video here .

How does this help you?

So, how does this relate to networking and your business? this is what your asking yourself as your reading this im sure.

Well the reality of coming to the realization of i cant do it all, also creates #fomo. Fear of missing out – for those who are not up to speed with the hashtag lingo.

There are so many networking and business events that happen throughout the year. Some of these can be found in our directory.

When you count the total amount of events between January – December there are hundreds of opportunities and you cant possibly attend all of them, and guess what? that is OK. Yes you may miss out on something but another opportunity will arise that could be even better.

Tips to deal with FOMO

Here are a couple of tips for you to overcome your #fomo.

  1. Think about what the benefits of you going are. Are they worth the effort of trying to squeeze another thing into your day. What will you get out of it?
  2. If you can’t go, can you send someone on your behalf?
  3. Set yourself a realistic calendar of events and make the decision to just stick to those.
  4. Surround yourself with a support unit that helps you when things get overwhelming and stressful.
  5. Remember what is important. What comes first for you. Accept that things will come up that you will have to cancel or postpone.

communication is the key, life doesn’t always go to plan but if you’re open and honest with people as soon as you can about what’s going on it makes a big difference

Peace Mitchell – Women’s Business School

It’s OK that your not a super hero


The main message here is yes as women it is in our DNA to want to do everything, achieve more, have more, be more and we can do that. We are powerful when we have a great support network around us and have the drive to succeed. But we are only human, as much as we would like to think we have super powers (and to a degree we do, let’s face it there has to be some super power genes for giving birth) we cant do everything at once. As the famous Dr Seuss say’s “Life’s a great balancing act”

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. The right things will present itself at the right time and acceptance is the key to less stress and more success.

Have a great month

Renee – getting the cogs moving to make you matter

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