Let us help your business grow and succeed by building better business connections.

We offer support, education and guidance for business owners and their staff around networking, team building and customer relationships. buildingcustomerrelationships

We understand networking can be overwhelming for business owners and staff. With an abundance of networking meetings, groups and events all over South West Sydney.

We want you to come to us to guide you in the right direction for you and your business.

 We want to help you find the best opportunities to get you building those better connections for long term success in your business and personal life.

We can assist with

  • Workshops using the Connect Effect Strategies
  • Networking directory & recommendations
  • Internal & External team building workshops.
  • 1 on 1 Consultations/Mentoring – Helping to build confidence in building better connections and advice on best networking solutions for you & your business.
  • Online support group – Inspire, Learn & Grow with our Facebook closed support group CRG Creative Networking Business Support Group.

reneegarcia-businessconnectionconsultantMeet your Business Connection Consultant Renee.

A passionate mum, wife and business owner who loves getting the cogs moving, helping you to think about processes, strategies and idea’s  to make you and your business matter, resulting in building better business connections that will last a lifetime.

Learn more about Renee’s journey and experience here. Contact Renee today on 0427 885 711 to discuss how we can help your business grow and succeed.

Wanting to Network?

letsconnect-crgcreativenetworkingSo you have a business, are passionate about your service or product and now you need to get the word out. Networking, is the single most effective way of getting your name out their. There are many ways to network.

The most popular way is to attend a local business networking group or industry support group. With many contacts and personal experience with our local options, we want to help you find the right one for you and your business.

With so many to choose from you can contact us directly to discuss your options or simply view our online Directory. 

Looking for online support?

We understand that the best way to succeed is to learn, grow and be inspired by other like minded business people so we have launched our members only Facebook group.

This was created to offer a safe space for honest discussions, conversations and opportunities for growth and success both personal and in business. Join our group by visiting our CRG Creative Networking Facebook page